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Bountiful Baskets @ LWPL

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So, Bountiful Baskets is fairly awesome.

Bountiful Baskets Logo
Pictured: Awesomeness

LWPL has become the pick up point for Bountiful Baskets in the Whitney, TX area and Friday, September 19th was our first run of the program here.  The program is a Co-op that pools together local resources to give participants fresh fruits and veggies at a low cost.

From the Bountiful Baskets website:

The Co-op offers a conventional produce basket very other week which is generally ½ fruit and ½ veggies. The monetary contribution is $15.00 and is generally worth $50.00 retail. Organic baskets require a contribution of $25.

Arriving a little before 6:30, a sum total of about 8-10 volunteers (it was hard to keep a count as they were moving so quick!) separated the fruits and veggies into their respective baskets like clockwork.  I know I could certainly pick up a thing or two about efficiency from these folks.

14-09-20 014

It was my first time to see this all in action and I have to say, I was impressed.  Around 7:15 people began to line up with their boxes, laundry baskets, and reusable bags in tow.  The purchased items are divided into two baskets but participants are responsible for bringing items to carry their goods home.

14-09-20 013

By the time I left at around 7:45, it was hard to believe that there had been so many people lined up.  All in all there were about 70ish people that showed up (at least by the time I headed home.)  The spokeswoman said that it was a bit under their usual take of 90.

14-09-20 001

In the Whitney area, Bountiful Baskets orders are due by Tuesday and are available for pickup that Friday.  For more pictures (including my own personal haul) please visit our Flickr page.

Large Print Circuit Books Are Back!

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Booyah!  After a year of going without, LWPL is happy to be back in the Large Print Circuit game!

Large Print Circuit Books
A CTLS volunteer stopped by with our Large Print Circuit books. 

This great program is hosted through CTLS, this gives LWPL a rotating circuit of 50 recent Large Print titles every 4 months–that’s a total of 150 books!  These books are available for checkout with under the same rules as our regular collection.  No doubt many of our patrons are going to be thrilled with this development.

This is also a special ooccasion for another reason.  As our Grand Opening ceremony gets closer (October 4th @ 10:00 AM tell your friends!) we at LWPL are getting the library in shape to return to the crazy normalcy of daily function.  We’d like to thank our extremely patience patrons who have run the gauntlet alongside us as strange and unexpected issues (what do you mean there’s no internet???) have popped up during our move process.  Without your support none of this would be possible!

LWPL Preview Party and Grand Opening!

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LWPL Grand Opening Banner

It has been a long LONG time coming, but LWPL is finally proud to announce that our Grand Opening Schedule has been SET!  You can check out the short version in our online flyer or see the longer version on our webpage (or Facebook Calendar if you are hip to that sort of thing.)

To make a long story short, our Grand Opening is happening on two separate days.  On October 3rd from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM, the library will host a VIP Preview Party.  A portion of this party will be open to the public while our VIPs take a private tour of our new facility.  The public is invited to a book discussion and signing by local authors Murray Richter and M.M. Frische.

LWPL will hold its Grand Opening Ceremony in celebration of its new location at 10:00 AM on October 4th.  After the ceremony, guests will be invited on a tour of the new facility.  A book signing and author Q&A will be held in the Triplett Meeting room with local authors Russell ConnerBrian Moreland, and Rosemary Janney with special guest Lisa Wingate.

Until then, feel free to visit our Flickr Page that contains the latest pictures as we bring in new items.

Library Update!

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As many of you know, we will be closed tomorrow (September 3rd) for the staging of our library interior.  Our design crew from Library Interiors of Texas will be working hard all day tomorrow to get our interior items and areas installed and arranged.  This includes our seating areas and new computer layout that will streamline the library and give it the amazing look it deserves.  Be sure to come by on the 4th to see all of our improvements.  

We are also excited to see work on the second half of our parking lot started!  Today saw a boom of activity has work crews came in early this morning.  As our regulars can tell you, even in our new building it was hard to find a parking space, so we hope this addition alleviates the problem.  










Our newsletter page is a little less lonely now that September has been added.  Make sure to check out this month’s issue as it contains information on our Grand Opening (set for October 4th) as well as new authors on our automatically yours list!

Did you know there is an easier way to keep up with what’s going on at the library?  Check out our calendar on our webpage and our Facebook page to see all of our upcoming events and notices!

New Library Progress – Boxes Full of Interior

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Our things are coming! Our things are coming!

That’s right! The first boxes from our order for the new library has come in and things are looking fantastic. Over the next few months our meeting room is going to have a corner taken out as the items purchased through the Tocker Foundation Grant and a few choice donations from the Friends of the Lake Whitney Library make their way in.

Now while most of the items that come in are going to be stored until the remainder of the pieces come in, we couldn’t wait for this first one. Some of our more active patrons may remember our book drop cart from the other library which was a trash can on wheels. When we moved to the library, our book drop was lower and so we needed a cart that was shorter. So we then upgraded to… a plastic tub on a dolly.

But now, feast your eyes on this beauty!

Tocker G1 02
This spring loaded cart is just what we needed. The springs allow for a softer drop than the hard plastic of the tub or the trashcan. This means less damage to the books, CDs, and DVDs when they are dropped through the slot!

Putting the cart together was no easy task. But Library Director Denise Carter and City of Whitney Maintenance Worker Julian put their heads together and got it together…
Tocker G1 01
…after a bit of trial and error of course!
Tocker G1 06
These are the first of many boxes that will be taking up space in the meeting room until the final items make their way in.  They don’t look like much now, but they contain the items that are vital to the library’s final look.
Tocker G1 03
The strange thing about ordering items is often enough the order they come in. For example, our slat wall backdrop and end panels for our shelving units will be among the last items to come. But the first box we opened were the slat wall components to go on them!
Tocker G1 04
These little beauties will hold all of our special collections, display items, and be used for signage for upcoming events.

But that’s not all of the signs we have. We are lucky to have such a great group of people that make up the Friends of the Lake Whitney Public Library. Our Friends members donated the money for our new interior signs so show our special collections (such as Large Print, Westerns, YA, etc.) as well as the different important features are in the library (Copy Center, OPAC, etc.). We are looking forward to getting these hung and removing some of the drab from the walls.
Tocker G1 05
Make sure to check out our Flickr page for more pictures are we move new items in! And, as always, make sure to follow us on Facebook & Google+ and check out our webpage for information on upcoming events and programs!

SR2014 – Puppets with Margaret Clauder

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It’s the end of Summer Reading and man has it been fun! We’ve seen how to stay safe with our hometown heroes, we sparked a reaction with Ms. Maria, there was a lot of moving and shaking with gymnastics, and we got to try some yummy food with healthy snacks. It has been a crazy ride and we wanted our grand finale to be something spectacular!

Meet The Bookworm. That’s right, THE Bookworm. She stopped by today from her travels to libraries around to world to share some of her FAVORITE books with us!
SR2014 July31 028

She even brought a friend. Webster the Dictionary explained how to take care of books and how to look up big words we may not know. He even gave a great example by helping us look up ventriloquism is (although I’m not sure how that was relevant ;) ).
SR2014 July31 006

We heard a good number of stories from The Bookworm. She told us the story of Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig (that’s the author of Shrek btw!). We heard all about how Sylvester’s wishes got him in trouble, even if it got him out of the rain. The Boomworm’s book even brought some of the rain to the kids, sprinkling them via magic.
SR2014 July31 012

Next came the story of Kat Kong by Dav Pilkey. All of mouse civilization was entranced by the giant beast (or a little kitty depending on your point of view). This classic story retold included the cat escaping its chains (as seen below!) and taking one of the mice on top of a tall tower.
SR2014 July31 020

The final story read was Mean Soup by Betsy Everitt.  Horace’s very bad day leads to bad feelings. A volunteer from the audience got to take Horace’s place and act out his very bad day with The Bookworm. From angry…
SR2014 July31 023

… to surprised! After shouting, smacking, and making faces at the soup, Horace felt a lot better about his day.
SR2014 July31 024

Finally, The Bookworm came up with a nifty trick. She showed everyone a bit of magic in which an audience member got to choose a magic card. It turns out that the card was her LIBRARY CARD. As all good readers know, your library card lets you pick out any book in the library you want! How fantastic is that??
SR2014 July31 025


As you all know, this is the end of Summer Reading but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of reading fun! Join us August 7th and 14th at 10:30 for a special story time with Ms. Diana. This gives school age kids a chance to return to story time one last time before the school year begins! Our normal preschool story time will return to Wednesdays again on September 3rd at 10:30.

Make sure to check out our photos from this year’s Summer Reading program (over 200 photos this year!) on our SR2014 Flickr page. For more information on upcoming events, make sure to keep an eye on the calendar on our webpage and keep up with library happenings on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

August Events @ LWPL

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August Events





There is a lot going on at the library in August!  Our Brown Bag Series, Story time for preschool children, Art classes, Windows 8.1 classes for adults, and book club!  Make sure to visit the library’s website at to see all events!

Join us August 6th and 13th from 12:00 PM to 1:00PM for two new events in our Brown Bag series.  On August 6th Patty Smith will be teaching how to make decorative wreaths for any occasion.  Steve Longino, a native Texas woodturner, will continue the series with his presentation on August 13th. Steve will be show casing his amazing skill in making decorative wood pieces, such as bowls, plates, and goblets.

Ms. Diana will be leading two special story times on Thursdays, August 7th and August 14th @ 10:30 AM. Story time will return to its normal day and time on Wednesday, September 3rd at 10:30 AM.

Art classes will also continue throughout August every Monday at 1:30 PM.  These free classes cover a wide range of media and are great for beginning students.

The library is also offering free computer classes, teaching Windows 8.1 to those who are new to the operating system and need help maneuvering around.

Book club will also meet on August 26th at 1:30 PM.  They will be discussing Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline.

For any information on these programs or more feel free to give us a call at 254.694.4639 or email us at