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August Events @ LWPL

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August Events





There is a lot going on at the library in August!  Our Brown Bag Series, Story time for preschool children, Art classes, Windows 8.1 classes for adults, and book club!  Make sure to visit the library’s website at to see all events!

Join us August 6th and 13th from 12:00 PM to 1:00PM for two new events in our Brown Bag series.  On August 6th Patty Smith will be teaching how to make decorative wreaths for any occasion.  Steve Longino, a native Texas woodturner, will continue the series with his presentation on August 13th. Steve will be show casing his amazing skill in making decorative wood pieces, such as bowls, plates, and goblets.

Ms. Diana will be leading two special story times on Thursdays, August 7th and August 14th @ 10:30 AM. Story time will return to its normal day and time on Wednesday, September 3rd at 10:30 AM.

Art classes will also continue throughout August every Monday at 1:30 PM.  These free classes cover a wide range of media and are great for beginning students.

The library is also offering free computer classes, teaching Windows 8.1 to those who are new to the operating system and need help maneuvering around.

Book club will also meet on August 26th at 1:30 PM.  They will be discussing Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline.

For any information on these programs or more feel free to give us a call at 254.694.4639 or email us at

SR2014 – Healthy Snacks and DPS Safety

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Safety first @ the library, that’s what I always say.  And it has never been more true than today!  Our summer reading program was a mish mash of things to keep the kids safe and healthy!

We started off with a presentation from Hill County Extension Office Agent Karen Jungman.  She taught us how to make Orange-Pinapple Dreamsicle Smoothies (Click here for the recipe!)  The kids loved the refreshing drink and loved the Pizza Kabobs that came with it.  It was so good some came back for seconds and even thirds!  Even the adults were hungry for a snack.

SR2014 July24 003

SR2014 July24 002

Next came  presentation from HOT Emergency Services came by with Cell Phone Sally to show the kids a great show about how to dial 911.  There was some great responses from the kids and they really seemed to learn a lot!

SR2014 July24 021

SR2014 July24 022

SR2014 July24 023

Next Officers Alvarado and Merriman came to explain what it is that a state trooper does and the steps they take to keep the kids safe.  After a short QA from the kids, the officers showed off their equipment.  The kids had a blast looking at all of the tools that a necessary for the job.  They even took the kids outside to show off their car and all of the cool tools inside!

SR2014 July24 027

SR2014 July24 010

SR2014 July24 011

SR2014 July24 041


Next week is the final week of our Summer Reading Program and the Lake Whitney Public Library is ready to go out in style.  Join us as we welcome puppeteer Maragret Clauder and her cast of friends.  This award-winning performer from the Metroplex is a skillful storyteller, puppeteer, and ventriloquist.  It is definitely not something to miss!


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Hill County Extension Agent, Karen Jungman has given the library some kid-friendly recipes and snacks that are designed to help kids make better choices about what they put in their lunch boxes!  I’ve listed a few here but stop by the library for her hand out for the full list!

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SR2014 – Gymnastics

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What an athletic bunch we had today for summer reading!  The presentation by Gymtricks Gymnastics was fantastic and even better, the kids LOVED it!

We started a little early today as local author G.W. Blair stopped by to read The Kid with Too Many Pets by Harland Williams.  The over the top story was well liked as pet after pet filled the house until it could hold no more.

SR2014 July17 034

While the story was going on, a young member of the crowd couldn’t wait for the tumbling to begin.  We took a snapshot of him running away, but his turn to tumble would come soon enough!

SR2014 July17 013

The girls took their turn first, showing off their skills with front and back rolls, handsprings, cartwheels, and even one-handed cartwheels!

SR2014 July17 004

SR2014 July17 003

Then they took turns on the practice beam showing off their balance with cartwheels and handstands.

SR2014 July17 011

SR2014 July17 010

SR2014 July17 008

The gymnasts also gave us a show of their skill on the bar.  There were flips and somersaults abound!

SR2014 July17 007

SR2014 July17 006

Finally it was time for the guests to shine.  They were invited to come out and try out the equipment and show off some natural talent.  We had all sorts of participants, each with their own unique form.  Some preferred the  classic superhero pose, ever vigilant in the night.

SR2014 July17 018

While others went for more of the roll and slide technique.

SR2014 July17 021\

They even got a chance to show their skill on the bars.  It was amazing how well they could hold up their own weight!

SR2014 July17 025

All in all, there was a lot of concentration and focus as the kids took their turns.  There was a lot of fun to be had and they were definitely enthusiastic about showing of their skills and talents for the sport!  To see more pictures from this event and others like it, be sure to check out our flickr page!

Out next event will be Healthy Snacks and DPS Safety on July 24th.  Keep an eye on our website at for more upcoming events!

SR2014 – Cool School with Ms. Maria

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¡Hola! Today was Cool School with Ms. Maria and  we had a fantastic time singing and dancing along with Ms. Maria and Cool Cat.  Her program really sparked a reaction  with the crowd as her presentation fit in with the Fizz, Boom, Read! theme this year.

Since it was still fairly early, the kids were eager to get the giggles and wiggles out.  A few songs and dances (including an electric hokey pokey) and they were ready to get their focus on.

SR2014 July10 023

SR2014 July10 022


We talked about all the things that spark and boom, from electricity to fireworks–a great topic with the Fourth of July being just last week!  With some sparkly pompoms (and a little imagination) we became sparklers that would fizz out as we counted down through the song.


SR2014 July10 027


Next came the vegetarian scientist who LOVES when the gives feed him vegetables.  We all had a big laugh whenever he was given anything else to eat.  Nothing is quite as funny as a puppet with indigestion.

SR2014 July10 031


Ms. Maria then read a book that explained to everyone how electricity is generated.  She gave some really cool examples of how we could make a generator at home and how the electric companies make a much bigger version to power our homes.


SR2014 July10 034


One of the best parts of the program was definitely when some volunteers got to dress up like wise old men.  Some of our participants got into the role a little more than others.

SR2014 July10 004


We ended things with a big Whitney Band, the kids strumming and shaking along to the music to get us moving at the end of the program.

SR2014 July10 009

SR2014 July10 013


We would like to thank Ms. Maria and Cool Cat for stopping by and giving us some great songs to sing and dance to as well as giving us some cool knowledge about all things that spark, fizz, and boom!

Next week we’ll have some great local talent with Gymtricks Gymnastics for our next Summer Reading Program, July 17th @ 10:30 AM.  Along with the tumblers, kids in the audience will be welcome to join in on the fun!

SR2014 – Hometown Heroes

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Summer Reading Poster

Woo hoo!  First day of summer reading and it could not have been a better day.  Parents and kids alike were excited about our first event in the new library and they were not disappointed.  We saw a total of 130 kids in participation today, which is more than we ever held at our old location.  It looks like the new space has already paid off!

SR2014 July3 065


Our first presentation came from Jennifer Sleezer of the Lake Whitney Corps of Engineers who taught us important tips for water safety.  During the summer months it is easy to assume that the water will be nice and warm, but some of us are a touch impatient and may try to take a dip when the water is too cold.  To show the dangers, Jennifer took 12 pennies and tossed them into a bucket of ice water, inviting brave volunteers to try and fish them out.



SR2014 July3 069

Plenty of eager volunteers lined up, wanting to be the first to fish out all twelve.


SR2014 July3 067

But the icy water proved to be too much for the first volunteer.  And so the next one tried.

SR2014 July3 002

But the icy water was just too much!  The cold left our brave volunteers unable to grasp the pennies (or even find them in some cases!)


SR2014 July3 042

So again they tried…
SR2014 July3 041

… and tried…





SR2014 July3 040

…and tried…

SR2014 July3 038

and tried!  Until finally…
SR2014 July3 004


…Jennifer had to fish out the final few.  It was a great way to really show the dangers of the cold and how quickly one looses feeling in the water.


SR2014 July3 024

Next we learned about how to choose the proper size and type of life jacket.  The kids were eager to get on their jackets and this led to some rather awkward situations.

SR2014 July3 026

Our young volunteer here put on a life jacket designed for an adult.  It was so large you could say he was swimming in it.
SR2014 July3 027


The jacket was so bit it slipped right over him!  It was definitely not designed with his size in mind.  If he were out on the lake using this life jacket, he would definitely be in over his head.

SR2014 July3 043

Next came a presentation by the Whitney Police Department.  Officer Kara Pearson took time to explain what it is that a police officer does and how they keep us safe.
SR2014 July3 046


The kids were definitely impressed as Officer Pearson showed off the tools of the trade; including her helmet, handcuffs, and her sergeant’s Taser!

SR2014 July3 048

After the inside presentation came the outdoor portion.  The kids lined up to see the firetruck, ambulance, and police car.  It is a good thing our new back yard is spacious because there was lots to see!

SR2014 July3 011

Our first stop was the fire truck.  The firefighter showed off his suit so that we would know what to look for if there was ever a fire and we needed help getting out!

SR2014 July3 051

One lucky volunteer even got to see the firefighter’s helmet!  How cool is that???
SR2014 July3 054

Finally, he showed us all of the tools that a firefighter uses to keep us safe.  Who knew that a firetruck could hold so many things?
SR2014 July3 009


Our final stops were a walk through the ambulance and a look around the police vehicle.

All in all, it was a successful day for Summer Reading presenters and attendees alike!  We can’t wait until next Thursday when Ms. Maria stops by for Cool School.  Keep an eye on our website at for more upcoming events!  And, as always, check out our Flickr page for even more photos!

Treats for Troops Donations Requested @LWPL

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Lake Whitney Public Library is teaming up with the Fort Graham DAR and DFW USO to bring Treats for Troops. The program is designed to give troops hard to get items that remind them a bit of home. The drive will continue until July 23rd.

Items will be collected and delivered to the DFW USO where the snacks will be made available free of charge to troops and veterans as they pass through the airport.  Fort Graham DAR is assisting in this Treats for Troops Drive.  Items may be placed in the donation box located inside the foyer at the library.  Cash or check donations may be placed in the can at the donation site.  Please make checks payable to DFW USO.

The USO is a registered 501(c)3 charity. All donations are tax-deductible.

Items requested are single-serving sized snack and drink items, including:

  • Rice Crispy Treats
  • Cases of chocolate bars
  • Peanuts/Mixed Nuts
  • Cases of Orange Juice
  • Cases of Apple Juice
  • Cases of Juice Boxes
  • Variety pack chips
  • Trail Mix
  • Beef Jerky
  • Protein Bars
  • Bottle Water
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Cookies
  • Pretzels
  • Raisins
  • Crackers
  • Granola Bars
  • Chewing Gum