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New Library Progress – The Ultimate Update

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It has been a few weeks since the last update but man has a lot gotten finished during the break!

A large reason for the delay in updates is the lack of opportunities for photos.  As the flooring company came in a few weeks back, it took over a week for the epoxy floor to dry!   As you can see it is looking fantastic.

Not only does it look great, but it promises to be easy to repair and even easier to clean.  The epoxy floor covers almost all of the 6300 sqft building.  The only exceptions are the two bathrooms which will be tiled.

This is a subway tile which gives the room a bigger and cleaner feel than normal square tile.  The small grout lines also ensure an easy clean as well.

This week also saw some quick cabinetry in the meeting room kitchenette.  All that they are waiting now is the counter top!

It might just be the librarian in me talking, but the main entry way is looking pretty awesome.  The corner is set up to be the circulation desk area, which makes it one of the busiest areas in the library.

As you can see, we have plenty of task lighting set up for those busy days.  This set up also gives the room a bit more of a shape, rather than just a plain open square.

From this view, you can see the drop tile ceiling framework.  It is set at a great height that will be sure to let the space feel open without making it sound like an empty cave.

From inside to out, it is good to see the book drop and automatic door in place with the stonework around it.

From this angle it looks like its almost ready for opening day!

Our final set of pictures comes from one of the most anticipated new feature of the library: the parking lot.

This beast is ready to handle whatever we may throw at it and (unlike our current parking lot) is not multilevel with a telephone pole standing in the middle of the entryway.  All-in-all, it is a definite improvement.

For those of you loyal enough to stick it out until the end of this massive post, we have a great surprise!  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t make for a very long book does it?  Our YouTube channel has a brand new video that contains a short walk through of the new building.  Our Facebook fans got a look at it earlier in the week.  Check it out!

Library to Offer Amnesty on Overdue Items

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Have you never gotten around to returning that copy of Dan Brown’s “The DiVinci Code” that has been sitting on your coffee table since you borrowed it from the library almost a decade ago?  How about the copy of “Harry Potter” found shoved underneath the couch cushion used in a book report from a few grades back?  Overdue fines can be intimidating, especially when the item in question has been in your possession longer than you can remember.

But patrons are in luck as, in celebration of National Library Week, the Whitney Library is offering to wave all fines accrued on long overdue items so long as the item or a reasonable replacement of the item is returned.  This is good news for patrons who are not in the best of standing, as it means their account will be cleared and they will once again be able to check items out.

The amnesty period lasts the entire month of April in order to provide patrons with plenty of time to round up any and all overdue items to get them in on time.  To take advantage of this program, patrons should take their overdue items and their library cards to the circulation desk.

For more information concerning the amnesty period, including a list of what is overdue, contact Lake Whitney Public Library at 254-694-4639 or stop in for a printed list.

New Library Progress – We have walls!

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Week 21!  Goodness if we aren’t chugging along on our train tracks with the end in sight!

As impressive as the outside is looking these days, the biggest improvement this week has been on the inside.  The foam insulation has been finished and the drywall is coming up.  The inside is looking more like a proper building each day!

Library section.
Work room and Office entry.
Walking through the front door.

There is obviously still a good deal of work to do (painting, flooring, etc) before the building is finished, but this baby step to the bigger building seems like a big one!

Also exciting was the installation of our overnight book drop.

Put right beside the automatic door, this metal beast will be able to handle even the biggest of materials!

Also, as a bit of a surprise, library staff collected items and papers about locals and created a time capsule to be opened at a later date.  This packet will let everyone in the future know what life was like when the library was first built.





New Library Progress – Coming Together

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Can I just say this is my favorite picture of the new library so far?  It has been 20 weeks since construction began on October 4 and the results so far are fantastic.

This week the brick laying continued and is coming along at an amazing pace.  The painters also showed up, giving us an amazing photo of both sets of work in progress.

As many patrons noted, this week also saw the installation of the windows.

While most of the windows around the building are small (to allow for more shelf space for all those lovely items to checkout) the front and back windows are set to be fairly large to let in a lot of light.  They are simply beautiful and we at the library cannot wait to see them next to the brickwork.

Perhaps the most exciting thing this week was the installation of the foam insulation (try saying that tongue twister!)  Sadly, we weren’t able to get any pictures due to the amount of debris that occurs when it is blown in.  But this material is sure to keep our building warm in the winter and cool in the summer which is always good with Texas weather!

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