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May Jam Session

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Jam Session

Back by popular demand, LWPL will be holding another Jam Session on Friday, May 15th @ 6 PM! This time we are trying it on a Friday so be sure to let us know what you think!

Like last time, this session will be held inside due to Texas weather. As always, feel free to bring your own chair if you want to listen and your own instrument if you want to join in! Everyone is invited so bring your friends, family, neighbors, and whoever else you can think of for an evening of great music and good fun.

Karaoke @ the Library

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Do you like standing in front of a group of strangers and belting out your favorite songs? Good! It turns out a lot of other people in the area do too. Come by on Thursday May 7th from 6 to 9 PM for a chance to show off your singing abilities–or lack there of. It is sure to be good fun for everyone!

This inaugural performance will determine the amount of sessions we have at later dates, so if it sounds like fun, make sure to stop by!

#FridayReads – Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome

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Kid President's Guide to being Awesome

Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome
by Brad Montague & Bobby Novak
Publish date: 2015
Genre: advice, self-help, pep-talk, youtube famous
Pages: 240

Kid President offers his Checklist of 100 Awesome ideas that are designed to make the world a better place… and you a better person.  This YouTube star went viral in 2012 and has been entertaining people of all ages since.  The book is a series of interviews, crafts, and inspirational pieces of advice, ranging from the serious (#73 Join a Movement!) to the fun (#58 Be like cheese (or bacon) and make everything you touch better) but always with a positive message.  Visually, the book is a sort of cohesive chaotic that will ensure even the most casual of young readers will stay attentive.

The light tone is sure to pull in kids but it is the encouragement to be and do better that will be sure to please parents. A number of celebrities weigh in during interviews, including Olivia Wilde, Julia Stiles, and Jeff Foxworthy among the handful of popular names.  There are also important messages passed along through Martin Luther King III, son of Martin Luther King Jr., and Ndaba Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela.  The range of cultural icons blends easily and are in no way intrusive or jarring from the other content.

This behind the scenes look is great for fans and newcomers alike.  Everyone will be able to take something good from Kid President.

WHS Art Club Raffle @ LWPL

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Lake Whitney Public Library is hosting a raffle for two fantastic paintings.  The paintings have been donated by students to help raise funds for the school’s art club.  The paintings will be on display until Friday, May 22nd.  The drawing will be held on Friday, May 29th.


The first painting (pictured left) is an underwater jellyfish scene, painted with glow-in-the-dark paint.  The second painting (pictured right) is a Monet interpretation called “red bridge”.

Tickets are on sale for only $1.00 so enter as often as you want!

What’s Going on @ Your Library

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Did you know there are a number of ways to keep up with what is going on at your library?

Our homepage contains a wealth of information of library news and events and is a great way to always know what’s coming next.  It also contains links to our social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more.

Our WordPress blog also offers insight into the library and its functions as well as showing progress on programs and events throughout the week.

To check out what your library has to offer, visit our website.

#FridayReads – The Accidental Empress

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The Accidental Empress Cover

The Accidental Empress
by Allison Pataki
Publish date: 2015
Genre: Historical Fiction, Bibliographical Fiction
Pages: 512

If you are looking for intrigue, excitement, plots & schemes, not to mention a historic backdrop to span centuries, there is no better family to look at than the Hapsburgs.  Pataki uses the family beautifully, focusing on fifteen-year-old Elizabeth “Sisi” who travels with her older sister Helene to the Hapsburg court in 1853 for the latter’s engagement to Emperor Franz Joseph.  The lives of many are changed drastically when the young Emperor rescinds his offer to the shy Helene and instead proposes to Sisi.  Thrust into the imperial court, Sisi devotes her time and actions to that which matters most: her emperor and her people.

Pataki clearly did her research but what makes this story really shine is where it takes liberties with history.  The characters are real and their motivations are clear.  Sisi is such a driving character and it is easy sink into her motives as she navigates the imperial court.  While the book isn’t breaking any new ground in the historical fiction genre, it certainly is a fantastic read.

Book Club – April

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Book Club will be reading The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein on April 21st @ 1:00 PM and April 28th @ 1:30.

Make sure to check our book club booklist to see if upcoming titles are available for checkout. This list can be found on our catalog.

The following book club books are now available for check out on your iPad, tablet, smartphone, Kindle Fire, or Nook through our new eBook service, Axis 360:

  • Gone Girl
  • I am Malala
  • The Book Thief

For a full list of book club books, check our book club page on our website.