SR2014 – Healthy Snacks and DPS Safety

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Safety first @ the library, that’s what I always say.  And it has never been more true than today!  Our summer reading program was a mish mash of things to keep the kids safe and healthy!

We started off with a presentation from Hill County Extension Office Agent Karen Jungman.  She taught us how to make Orange-Pinapple Dreamsicle Smoothies (Click here for the recipe!)  The kids loved the refreshing drink and loved the Pizza Kabobs that came with it.  It was so good some came back for seconds and even thirds!  Even the adults were hungry for a snack.

SR2014 July24 003

SR2014 July24 002

Next came  presentation from HOT Emergency Services came by with Cell Phone Sally to show the kids a great show about how to dial 911.  There was some great responses from the kids and they really seemed to learn a lot!

SR2014 July24 021

SR2014 July24 022

SR2014 July24 023

Next Officers Alvarado and Merriman came to explain what it is that a state trooper does and the steps they take to keep the kids safe.  After a short QA from the kids, the officers showed off their equipment.  The kids had a blast looking at all of the tools that a necessary for the job.  They even took the kids outside to show off their car and all of the cool tools inside!

SR2014 July24 027

SR2014 July24 010

SR2014 July24 011

SR2014 July24 041


Next week is the final week of our Summer Reading Program and the Lake Whitney Public Library is ready to go out in style.  Join us as we welcome puppeteer Maragret Clauder and her cast of friends.  This award-winning performer from the Metroplex is a skillful storyteller, puppeteer, and ventriloquist.  It is definitely not something to miss!



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